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 Joel Gentle



From Joel :

“I believe in small sustainable lifestyle changes rather than short term quick fixes.  Quick fixes don’t work because successfully reaching fitness goals takes time, effort and dedication (concepts that are foreign in today’s “I want it now” culture).”

"My passion and drive will keep you going.  I PROMISE to add variety and fun, and to get the best out of you."

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 From Joel's Clients :


"I've been training with Joel for 12 months now and he's helped me achieve my personal fitness & weight loss goals. I've gotten definition in places I never knew possible! It's super important to get on well with your trainer which is easy with Joel; he's chilled and totally affable... but he will push you when you most need pushing..which is why I refer to him as 'Jo-hell' on occasions!"
 Simon, 53
"Thank you for understanding me and just helping me. I wouldn't be be who I am now if it wasn't for you. My body, my confidence and my strength , just everything honestly"
 Thureya, 25