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 Eszter Boros



As you can see, Eszter, who was born in Hungary, is a very active trainer and practices what she preaches!

Eszter is a Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer with experience in bootcamp style group training as well as  small group sessions, with special interest in strength training, conditioning, basketball & boxing. 

From Agnes, one of Eszter's clients at Bodyline :

"Eszter is my personal trainer and She is amazing. When I am with her I believe I Can Do It. I get motivation I need, which is really important for me. I can strongly recommend her to everyone who wants to change their lifestyle. (In body and in mind as well)."

From Eszter:

“I have been overweight once, feeling bad about myself & my body, having no self-confidence whatsoever, until I realised it’s only me who can change that, so I did. If you’d like to know more about my story, feel free to check my Facebook page or find me on  Twitter . I believe in YOU and YOUR success. YOU will need to have trust in yourself and me, belief and patience in the process, persistence & commitment. The first step is the hardest: to make that first contact, after that you will have all the support to keep you on track."

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 Nutrition :

Eszter is very keen to emphasise that Nurtrition plays a massive part in your health and fitness success, as we all our at Bodyline, and preparation is the key to that success; below is  an example of Eszter's food prep for a few days; why don't you try something similar for the next few days?