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 Jon Hudson



Jon has almost 14 years behind him as a personal trainer and can boast such skills as Boxercise Instructor and a Basketball coach amongst his many qualifcations and then there's the Stand Up Paddle Board qualification of course!

A common thread throughout Jon's client sessions is his attention to detail on each and every exercise with each and every client. So, if you train with Jon you know exactly why you're doing a particular exercise and how it's going to benefit you as you head towards achieving your goals.


"I find my weekly sessions not only physically beneficial but mentally as well. I have quite a stressful job and Jon's sessions really help me keep both mentally and physically fit. I know that, during my weekly hour with Jon I can just focus on me and nothing else!"


"Jon is a great trainer and his attention to detail during our sessions is what really impresses me. Myself and my partner trained (seperately) with Jon in the build up to our wedding and he helped to get us both into good shape and we are both carrying on with him after the wedding, of course!"



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More About Jon


Jon, taking a 1-2-1 Stand Up (or kneeling down in this case) Paddle Board lesson in the Summer, something he doesn't get to do as often as he would like!

Jon has a long list of personal training qualifications of course, but we love working with him at Bodyline because he is a real team player who is always happy to do just do that little bit more both for his clients and his colleagues and, if we're being honest, he's just a little bit quirky! (Which we also love).