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 Kasia Tieplow


From Kasia (pictured right) :

I've been a personal trainer and sport nutrition/supplementation adviser for the last 6 years but my own journey started long time ago.

As a teenager I struggled to control my weight and like a lot of people I had no clear understanding in regards to nutrition, training or body physiology. I felt lost and extremely frustrated.

One day I decided that it has to change and since then I've spent years studying , researching and training and now I want to share my experience, knowledge and expertise with you.

Toning, weight loss, muscle building, changing body composition, changing life style habits- ladies and gentleman bring it on ! I'm ready for you ! 


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 From Kasia's Clients :



Kasia's client Sanjay lost has lost 20kgs during his time working with Kasia.


"Kasia is the most supportive, passionate, inspiring and loyal personal trainer. She always has such a positive attitude;  in her sessions she gives me the belief and support to push myself further than I ever thought possible. She invests a genuine interest in my goals, providing the necessary physical and emotional support so I can best achieve these.

Not one training session with Kasia has ever been the same; she continually introduces new and effective goal- specific exercises.  After 2 sessions with her I was already feeling fitter and stronger, and so it continues. Thanks to Kasia I now believe any goal is achievable with hard work, determination and a happy mind."

Annabel Ingram


"I’ve been training with Kasia for over 6 months now and the results have been truly outstanding.
Kasia is highly focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and somehow fun, and she has the skills to keep her clients focused."
"Her dedication and desire to constantly learn more is admirable and its a real benefit that she constantly encourages measurements to be taken so we can assess the progress.
Since training with Kasia, my fitness has increased and my techniques have improved noticeably to the extent that I absolutely love my sessions and its the one thing I always look forward to during the week!"
Thank you Kasia!