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Personal Trainer Profile

 Paul Raxworthy


Paul has worked at several exclusive health clubs and, with over 25 years experience he offers professionalism, precision, accuracy and safe, tailored exercises. 

Paul loves to work on correct and precise technique with his clients ensuring that each client can perform every exercise to the best of their ability.

If you decide to work with paul then you can be sure you will get the most from every exercise you do within your session!

From one of Paul's clients :

"Always a keen sports person I was devastated when a knee injury left me unable to run, ski or even walk without excruciating pain. I had surgery in October 2013 which was unsuccessful. Following numerous Physiotherapy visits I decided to book a Personal Trainer. Paul worked with the limited strength and range of movement in my right knee to try and build up the muscle wastage in my leg for further surgery - he did a remarkable job. Following complications during the surgery I was advised that I would need a knee replacement in the foreseeable future. The hardest news was that I wouldn't run or ski again.

I returned to the gym in January 2015. Since then undeterred by the surgeons diagnosis Paul trained me several times a week to rebuild a truly battered knee. His dedication was unbelievable, he introduced diversity to the rehabilitation programme and continually pushed me within the parameters that he knew were safe.

Following a recent visit to my surgeon, he was astounded at the recovery especially when I told him I am now running, albeit on a treadmill ! I have also been given permission to ski again for the first time in two years.

Paul achieved more success than the surgeon or the numerous physiotherapists that I've seen and I am incredibly grateful to him. It may not seem like a huge achievement to many but when your quality of life has improved and you no longer face each day with pain I feel that requires some sort of recognition."

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More from Paul's Clients:

"I would strongly recommend Paul as a Personal trainer to anybody looking to improve there fitness level in any way. His dedicated professional approach, extensive technical exercise knowledge and ability to work with clients of any age and fitness level make his support a must if you are serious about your training."


"I have been training with Paul since 2001 and during this time he has always kept me motivated with regards to my exercise and fitness. During our sessions he encourages my achievements, however small and pays great attention to detail to ensure my posture and technique is correct at all times. He endeavours to make each session different and challenging and his years of experience means that he always has a couple of new exercises up his sleeve! He understands people's abilities and is therefore able to pitch the workout at the right level."