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 Vikesh Pandya


Vik has been a Personal Trainer for over 12 years now working with his clients to help them lose body fat, improve fitness and gain muscle. In the fitness industry it's so important to keep up to date with modern thinking on exercise and nutrition and, like a lot of our Trainers, Vik thrives on learning and passing on the benefits of his knowledge to his clients. His sessions are always varied, progressive and well thought through.
From Lesley, one of Vik's clients :
"I’m enjoying my sessions with Vik. He’s exactly the type of trainer I need as it is obvious after only 4 sessions that he will never listen to any of my very long list of excuses as to why I can’t do exercises! He has a positive attitude to my training and the fact that I will see improvements as long as I work with him on the food and cardio too." -Lesley


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 "As your personal fitness trainer, I will teach you about your body, your mind, and how to bring them together to accomplish a fitness level you never thought was possible. I will develop a fitness programme that is specifically tailored to your physical needs and status – a programme that adjusts with you as you progress in your levels of fitness."



Vik has, over the last few years, developed a fitness programme specifically aimed at Brides-to-Be  to help them get into the best shape possible for their important day and beyond. This programme includes tailored nutrition advice as well as "homework" in the form of exercise sessions to do when you're not enjoying a personal training session with Vik. With so much to plan for your wedding day, don't leave your fitness and body shape to chance!